Mechanical design

Having a rich experience in machine and equipment design, our personnel develops innovative studies and projects, modernizations and rehabilitations for road building equipment, especially for excavator types, scrap and other materials packing presses, pressurized hydrostatic drive installations as well deck machines and installations.

Technical consulting

S.C. HIDRO TECH CONSULT S.R.L. ensures technical consulting for road building equipment and naval deck machines and installations. Our company specialists dispose of great experience and a powerful database which, combined with an up-to-the minute hardware and software, allows them to offer the best quality services.

Various equipment repairs and rehabilitations

S.C. HIDRO TECH CONSULT S.R.L. ensures repairs for building equipment as well rehabilitation of naval deck machines and installations in order to comply with MLPTL Order no. 595/2003 regarding the minimum technical requests for inland ships flying Romanian flag, as well as with European Council Direction 82/714/CEE which controls technical prescriptions for inland ships.
The main partners, S.C. CEPROREX S.A. with an experience of over 25 years in this line and S.C. A.T. MECANOHIDRO S.R.L. having ISCIR authorization for all types of lifting devices, are well-known, among their clients being AKER Braila Shipyard, MIDIA Shipyard, SISE Muntenia Nord, Grand Smity Works Galati, Lukoil Ploiesti, NAVROM Galati. The experience and endowment of our group of companies allow approaching of the most complex repair works for any type of the above mentioned equipment.

Mechanical works

S.C. HIDRO TECH CONSULT S.R.L. executes complex products, various components and spare parts by using beneficiary projects or  by mapping, as well as various technological operations: metallic constructions and metal cutting operations (turning, milling, coordinate and drilling processing, inert gas welding).

Measurements and testing in the hydraulic laboratory

S.C. HIDRO TECH CONSULT S.R.L performs determinations of main technical characteristics for hydraulic apparatus nominal pressures up to 315 bar and flows up to 200 l/min.