Design and execution of anchor, maneuver and auxiliary driving winches, with manual, electric and hydraulic operation.

Steering installations

Execution of steering installations for inboard and marine ships of any type and size.Steering machine: electro-hydraulic with pistons. Rudder angle: according to beneficiary technical specification


  • SOLAS 1974 rule, consolidated edition
  • Rule 82/714/CEE
  • MLPTL order no.595/2003

Surveillance: ANR, GL (at request LR, DNV, BV, etc.)


  • standard: steering machine comprising the hydraulic pumping groups, hydraulic cylinders, tiller and actuators
  • on request: steering electrical installation and autopilot
  • it is not delivered:
        • machine base plate, rudder bearing, shaft and rudder blade
        • gyrocompass
  • free supply: technical assistance when mounting and putting into operation

            Hydraulic power plant

Execution of simple or redundant hydraulic units, according to beneficiary design or to our own design, for different naval driving:

  • any type of winch;
  • cargo hatchway covers
  • cranes

On request, we ensure mounting, pipes execution according to beneficiary design, testing and putting into operation.

Other services  

Rehabilitation of naval machines and installations in order to comply with MLPTL Order no. 595/2003 regarding the minimum technical requests for inland ships flying Romanian flag, as well as with European Council Direction 82/714/CEE which controls technical prescriptions for inland ships:

  • steering installations;
  • anchor installations;
  • lever system installations;
  • other driving hydraulic installations.